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You Gotta Love Pie

What’s a report without a pie chart?

We don’t know the answer to that, nor do we want to know.

That’s why each campaign displays a pie chart right from the moment you create it.

You can view live reports, automatically see how many leads you have in the campaign, and then as you start calling them, it changes.

Suddenly you’ll be able to see how many of those leads you have called and how many have answered.

So you can know when to either add more leads, or recycle the ones you didn’t reach.

What’s in a Slice?

Need more information?

Well, there’s another pie you can feast your eyes on.

It provides detailed live reports, showing you exactly what’s happening on the calls that the dialer connects to, and the ones you or your agents are talking to.

Each campaign has its own pie with colorful slices showing how many sales have been made, how many busy signals and so on.

Hungry yet?

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