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Send Emails from the Dialer


More Than a Dialer

More often than not, when you reach a contact, you want to make sure that they have your contact information so they can get a hold of you again to close the deal.

That’s one of the reasons why you can also send emails from the dialer directly to your contacts. You determine what the sent from address is so when they respond, it will appear in whatever email account you are using.

Save as many email templates as you want so you can have a variety to choose from.

But Wait, There’s More

If the email address of the contact was uploaded with their information, when you send emails from the dialer, you will have a choice to either send the email to that address or you can manually enter one to send it to.

The best part is that the Predictive Dialer can also personalize the email using the data that you have about the contact.

It’s the little things that can make a huge impression.


Sending emails from the dialer is easy

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