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Predictive Dialer Reports


View Your Stats

You don’t have to wait till the end of the day, week or month to see how productive you or your agents are, you can do that anytime. Simply click on the Productivity link and view your predictive dialer reports. See how many calls you’re making, how many people you’ve talked to. You can even see how many sales you have made since the beginning of the day.

Making History

Not only can you see what you or your agents are doing now, you can also select specific date ranges. Look and to see what your best day of the week is, or what your best month of the year is. The predictive dialer reports will also help you determine who is closing more deals on your team. Our Predictive Dialer can easily help you keep track of your businesses history.


predictive dialer reports

See how our predictive dialer reports can help!