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Predictive Dialer

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Telemarketing Services

The purpose of telemarketing is to make a sale. As a telemarketing service, you may have personal information about the leads you are calling, or knowledge about them purchasing products similar or related to yours from other vendors or outlets. Having that information uploaded to your Predictive Dialer so that it shows on your agent’s screens could make or break the sale.

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Merchant Services

The merchant services industry offers programs and services to many of the industries that Hosted Dialer provides services to, so we understand how competitive the market is. When you are doing business to business sales, there may be times when you reach an automated voice response system that Predictive Dialers are not able to maneuver through, that’s why Hosted Dialer has a way for your agent’s to navigate through these systems using their touch pad and/or voice.

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Collection Agencies

The Collection Agency industry benefits from a Predictive Dialer in many ways, since their success is based on reaching as many account holders as possible then a Predictive Dialer that calls as many lines as possible per agent can only maximize the potential for reaching more account holders. When it comes to trying to reach them again, you can recycle numbers the way you need to and keep trying as many times as it takes.

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Debt Settlement

You have to be quick and accurate to survive in the Debt Settlement industry and Hosted Dialer has just the tools to aim you in the right direction and thrust you forward. Not only can a Predictive Dialer help by connecting you to live answers immediately, but a Voice Broadcaster can contact thousands of people every minute to remind them of their payments. You can’t go wrong using a Predictive Dialer and a Voice Broadcasting solution together.

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Insurance Companies

A lot has changed in the Insurance industry over the years, but one thing remains the same. The more people you talk to, the more clients you can add to your portfolio. These days, with a hosted Predictive Dialer, you can work for a company onsite, or you can work in your community from your own home with all of the advantages of working at the office, and more.

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Professional Services

In today’s market, professional services need to keep up with one another, and the more tools a business has, the better the chances are of success.

Tools that Hosted Dialer offers to you, like the ability to record and download all of your calls, lead management tools that allow you to view everything that happens with your leads. From when they were uploaded, called, who spoke to them, notes left by the agent, what emails were sent and the outcome of the calls made. These things make our dialer, the perfect dialer for professional services.

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Mortgage Services

The mortgage services industry relies not only on being able to contact as many people as possible, but also on reaching certain people at exactly the right time.

Easily make a direct call to anyone in the Continental U.S. and Canada.Chances are, you’ll be getting new information each time you talk to someone. Just place that info into the dialer then you can post to your existing CRM. Simply add the posting data to your account details.

Features like this and many more, are what make our dialer, the perfect dialer for mortgage services.

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Home Improvement

The home improvement industry offers a wide variety of services, from cooling and heating, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, home repair and much more. These services are provided to residential homes and businesses all over and the best way to contact those home and business owners is with a Predictive Dialer.

With Hosted Dialer, you can easily have every bit of priceless information displayed to your client as soon as your leads answer the phone, which is important to the home improvement industry. You can also incorporate the information into a script that pops up for your agent. We offer the perfect dialer for home improvement services.

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Banking and Finance

Since everything runs on money, the Banking and Finance industry encompasses every kind of business and personal aspect of day to day life. This means that Banking and Finance services have an incredibly high demand to communicate not only with existing clients, but a new client base that grows continually.

Having a predictive dialer for you or your agents to use can not only help you keep up with the demands, but you can actually exceed the demands, setting the bar higher and higher allowing you to increase your profits easier than ever.

Our list of features are what make our dialer, the perfect dialer for Banking and Finance.

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Political Campaigns

A Political Campaign has many sides to it, from enlisting volunteers, seeking financial backing, to conducting a poll to see what voters are wanting or how many intend to vote, to notifying voters of an upcoming election and more. However you look at it, these steps take time and dedication and there’s no better way to reach out to the community and call them.

Not only can a predictive dialer help by connecting you to live answers immediately, but an auto dialer can contact thousands of people every minute to remind them of their payments.

With Hosted Dialer, you can easily set up a survey. Once the survey is complete, you can run your reports based on the outcome, which is important to a Political Campaign. This is only one of our many features that make our dialer, the perfect dialer for a Political Campaign.

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Non Profit Organizations

The influence of non profit organizations has been changing the face of the world for centuries. Helping people with illness, providing funds for research to prevent illness, providing food to families that could really use a hand from time to time and so much more.

Not only can a predictive dialer help by connecting you to live answers immediately, but an auto dialer can contact thousands of people every minute to remind them of their payments.

Many non profit organizations could benefit from features that allow you to leave database fiends blank so that when someone wants to make a donation, you can type it into the predictive dialer. You can then run reports and export that data. This is only one of our many features that make our dialer, the perfect dialer for a non profit organizations.

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Travel Agencies

In most industries, reaching contacts faster is the key to success. Travel agencies are no different. With the ability to contact more live answers the predictive dialer is a key ingredient to reaching your goals.

The predictive dialer can also help you keep track of who you have contacted and who you haven’t with history tracking, you can always know where you are at with your customers.

Our list of features are what make our dialer, the perfect dialer for travel agencies.

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Work From Home

Telecommuting or work from home,  is not only a popular alternative to running a business,  it has also become a lot easier with the help of the internet. Since it doesn’t matter where you are physically located, you can log into our predictive dialer from anywhere, as long as you have a high speed internet connection. You don’t even need a phone since you can use your computer and a USB headset as your phone.

We offer a variety of features that allow you to manage your work from home business as effectively as any other business, without all the expenses of having an office. We offer the perfect dialer for work from home businesses.

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